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20 Year Term Life Insurance

Protective Ann's story

Ann is a single mom who wears many different hats at work and at home. Ann’s kids are eight and five years old and she knows her kids would have a tough time without her. She wants to make sure they could afford the necessities — and an education. Term life insurance is inexpensive and goes will go with Ann even if she stops working for her employer. Ann decides $75,000 is a good amount of coverage for her at this point in her life. Ann is 34 and a non-smoker which brings her premiums to $30.13 per pay period. After enrolling Ann feels proud of herself for securing her children’s future.

Universal Life with Long Term Care

Mature Michael's story

Michael's employer provides a basic amount of term life insurance. That might have been enough when he was carefree and single. Now, Michael has a family, a mortgage and other responsibilities. He wants to make sure they will all be taken care of if he dies. Michael's employer offers a Universal Life insurance plan that even goes with Michael if he were to stop working there. Michael sees this as a great opportunity to get the coverage that he needs at an amount that he can afford. Michael is a 36 year old non-smoker and choses to enroll in $50,000 for himself and $30,000 for his spouse who is a 32 year old non-smoker, the total premium for both of their plans together is $40.44 per pay period. Now Michael and his wife can sleep peacefully at night.

Accident Coverage

Active Eric's story

Eric is a single guy who likes to have fun during his spare time. For fun Eric gets together with his buddies on the weekend and plays some pickup basketball games at the local park. Eric knows the risk he takes by going out and playing a contact sport at age 28. Eric is smart and has medical insurance but he knows that is now always enough. Unfortunately for Eric the risk finally presented itself by him tripping over one of his teammates feet while running down the court. He has to go to the emergency room and he was diagnosed with a torn knee ligament and a broken toe. Eric had one lucky break — his voluntary accident insurance paid him $600. That is a lot of money that he now does not have to pay out of his own pocket especially considering his per pay period amount is only $12.80. Plus with this plan Eric gets up to $100 back per year just for visiting his doctor.

Critical Illness with Cancer Coverage

Loving Laura's story

Laura was planning her daughter's wedding when a stroke disrupted her plans. Thanks to her critical illness coverage she received $20,000 from Trustmark and was able to afford the treatment her medical insurance didn't cover. Laura was also able to continue to help plan her daughters wedding because she did not have to stress about affording treatment. So she was able to focus on her goal for recovery - to dance at her daughter's wedding. Laura is so thankful that she enrolled in this plan when she was 42 years old as a non-smoker. She was able to lock her premiums in at $20.28 per pay period plus she receives $100 a year just for visiting her doctor.

Legal Protection

Newlywed Kelly's story

Kelly was just recently married and realizes it is time to change her name and complete her first Will. Kelly's employer offers legal coverage and she sure is glad she enrolled in the product over a year ago. Her name change only costs her $155 compared to as much as $400 without the legal plan. As far as her Will Kelly got it for free. She had big savings, especially since her husband and both of their parents can use this service for only $12.45 per pay period.

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